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The Smash Plaza

Rules & Policies

We try to keep things PG-13 rated for The Smash Plaza. As such, no NSFW content will be tolerated within the community. Staff will enforce this rule strongly. It is important to us that people feel comfortable in the server and it's a bad look if someone decides to pop their head in the chat just to be met with NSFW content. What is considered NSFW? We ask you to use your best judgement here and if you're not sure, it's better to refrain from posting such content in the first place to avoid conflict. NSFW may include but is not limited to the following:

Sexually explicit material
Drug abuse

Please respect one another and treat others how you would like to be treated in The Smash Plaza. Overly toxic behaviors will not be tolerated. We understand that TSP is home to many expressive, passionate members from all sorts of unique backgrounds and situations can escalate from time to time. However, we will not tolerate any kind of behavior that personally attacks the integrity of our members. Do not be toxic in TSP. What's considered toxic behavior? Toxic behavior may include but is not limited to the following:

Defamation and slander
Organizing witch hunts to harass members inside or outside of the server

Unnecessarily personal attacks
DM'ing members to attack them

We understand that politics is as hot a topic as ever in this ever evolving political environment. Being politically involved is very important in this day and age and we believe strongly in your freedom of speech in The Smash Plaza. For this reason, we do allow civil discussion when it comes to political topics, the freedom of speech is unbiased, therefore we will not censor those who wish to speak freely.

Unsolicited promotion within TSP will not be tolerated. Promotions can range from many different things such as discord invites, YouTube channel promotion, social media promotions, and so on. Overall we will not allow any sort of advertising or self promotion in TSP. However, exceptions can be made by submitting a partnership application here.

You're expected to use the correct channels for your posts. This means posting memes in the meme channel, keeping matches in the matchmaking channel, and so on. Memes may only be posted outside of memes if the meme refers to the topic at hand.

It's okay to share some information about yourself, but there are some real creeps out there! Make sure to keep your sensitive information safe! Do not post anything like your home address, someone else's address, or phone numbers. Any form of doxing will result in an immediate ban with little to no chance of a ban appeal.

Impersonation will not be tolerated. This includes impersonation of TSP staff members and/or community figures. Impersonation can be interpreted by changing your profile picture and name to match those of another staff member or public figure and/or acting like or claiming to be them.

Have your name mentionable and appropriate. We obviously cannot allow a member to posses an inappropriate name within TSP. We also require that you have your name mentionable as without a mentionable name it becomes difficult for staff to manually moderate. Those with a name not easily mentionable may have their nickname altered.

Excessive spam will not be tolerated. Spam deteriorates the rectitude and identity of The Smash Plaza. What is spam? Spam includes but is not limited to the following:

Excessive messages in a short time span

Excessively repeating messages 
Text wall memes outside of the memes channel

Excessive pinging will not be tolerated. By default everyone is not pingable. Assign the Friendlies role in the assignable roles channel for matchmaking. Do not ping Staff unless the matter is urgent. Do not ping/DM professional players or community figures.

Anything emotionally heavy on ones mind is expected to exclusively remain in the venting channel. If the topic is too emotionally troubling we recommend seeking professional help and will require you to refrain from further posts relating to said topic.

Sadposting defined: A form of post-ironic shitposting involving depressing themes and a semi verbose style that would be legitimately depressing if it weren't for an element of absurd humor element added in.

Do not mini-mod, the staff knows what they are doing. If you believe that a member is breaking the rules of the server or is causing some other type of issue and it must be handled, ping Staff and step away from the situation while a staff member takes care of the situation. Do not try to bypass automod features. This can include posting invites separated with spaces or commas to throw off the discord link detection. Or using special characters to bypass a word filter. Do not argue with staff. Staff have final say.

Egregious acts against law interpreted via US law or Discord TOS will not be tolerated. If you are unsure of the legality of the topic or content you are considering posting, it's best to refrain from bringing it up in the server. Discord terms of service can be found here

Social gambling of any kind will not be tolerated within TSP. Obviously this does not refer to any sort of bot gambling with pretend money. This is in reference to wagers involving real money such as money matches, political gambling, and so on. Any mention of such will result in staff involvement. 

The risk is never worth the reward. It does not matter who you are or how long you have been in TSP, nobody is above the rules.

The Smash Plaza is committed to providing a safe environment for the members it houses, and to preventing abusive conduct. Every member of The Smash Plaza is responsible for protecting the individuals we house and ensuring their safety and well-being. Our tolerance policy is established for The Smash Plaza members, staff, community figures, and anyone else within the confines of the server and it's counterparts. All are expected to adhere to this policy. The Smash Plaza does not claim a zero tolerance policy and relies on our punishment system to handle issues. Serious issues will be handled on a case by case basis. More can be read about our system and the way we handle things in our punishment system briefing below.

Our punishment system gives room for our members. We do not operate, as of 11/19/2020, on a three strikes and you're out system. We've created our own unique system. Here's how it works:

Two infractions within 7 days translates to a temporary mute for 1 hour
Three infractions within 14 days translates to a temporary mute for 24 hours
Four infractions within 21 days translates a temporary mute for 48 hours
Five infractions within 35 days translates to a ban from the server

Infractions can be given either through our automated system, or manually via staff members. Staff members reserve the right to manually mute, kick, or ban members from the server at their discretion, regardless of prior infractions.

If you are banned from The Smash Plaza and believe the ban was unwarranted you have the right to petition for an appeal of your ban. You are able to appeal a ban after 72 hours has passed. If your first submitted ban appeal is rejected, you will need to wait 7 days until your next application is to be submitted. Following your second appeal, if it is again rejected you may submit a third and final appeal one month after your initial ban. If this third ban appeal is rejected, then we are sorry to inform you that you have been permanently banned from The Smash Plaza. You can submit a ban appeal here.

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